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Finding my voice in life (:


The rage within.

It grows slowly but surely
a struggle within that would change a man
A battle that might last a lifetime with only casualties to count
It’s a problem, it’s not uncommon
It’s in everyone, waiting for the time to explode into total chaos.

It could drive a man to kill someone or himself. It’s powerful but controllable, it’s not an invincible force. Sometimes this problem could turn into a helping hand. Like a double edged sword.

Right now it’s sleeping in me and wakes up now and then. I’m glad it’s still controllable because I know when it wakes up that chaos I’m talking about will happen.

New cover coming up soon (: meanwhile check out my videos on my YT channel, geraldnathaniel #music #musiccovers #guitar #singing #sing #recording

New cover coming up soon (: meanwhile check out my videos on my YT channel, geraldnathaniel #music #musiccovers #guitar #singing #sing #recording

Tears of courage

Her fears are sleeping deep within
The wrath of the awaken is truly frightening
She not aware of what’s within
Awaiting the day she’ll come to meet
Her greatest fears that’s deep within

The day has come for her to feel
The pain that comes along the dying few
She falls like buildings crumbling down
She finally met her greatest fears

This is when she starts to know
That the fears she have would bring her down
But she know she can’t give up this now
She fight her fears with bravery
And in her eyes you will see, the tears of courage that was forged within

Dark phase

We’ve seen the contrast between life and death
The living celebrates, the dying rest
People will mourn for their loving dead
Their tears were both sadness and joy
To me this is a phase in life
A dark phase, which involved losing and gaining
The irony that will break and help us

"He held on long, this is so unfair "
Was what everyone would say
Accusation was always a part of this
But life was never a promise of being fair
It was a process of learning
Learning to find the way, our own way

Death is only the last phase of our lives
A dark phase that is cruel in its way
But life is death and also the other way
For the lost of one comes a new beginning for another one

Don’t be afraid of it
But be happy for it
Although it involves a person life
It will help many begin a better life